i want to order one software

BOY RULES boyrules at live.com
Wed Dec 26 14:09:36 UTC 2012

Hi there guys  i want to order one software if possible to use on Linux  machines  
freeBSD, Ubuntu, Centos, Debian  and Fedora 

the software i want  is to use as DNS Network, WWW hostname add, directories, www folder listview, hostnames hosted on the servers 
to start 

DNS Network ---->  each machine connects to each machine  and read writes hosts to the  www  from each machine  to be  AIO 
add dns IP and Hostname from Ubuntu, freeBSD, centos, debian, windows, mac   and   will be remoted to each  one 
DNS Mysql   ----> the database to each machine to read from each machine  databases  if one dataabase is down other machine runs it 
www directory ---->  diferent  www directories  like  install  on the 1st HDD  and use other HDD for  host the sites and files 
i will install the operation system on SSD  disk  and use  Sata HDD  to hosting files  

SSD 128 GB = operation system freeBSD 
HDD 1 =  videos/www/
HDD 2 = hosting/www/
HDD 3 = music/www/

and so on  to be like this way  

one software to  add hostname  to the directory add IP address add hostname  choose port  choose the file to  run on server index php 
and  click save  and its up and running the site on the server 

on webvrowsers to make sure just shows the domain name  http://www.domain.com  <------ this way  
if possible one software similar ad MAC Admin Tools  Tiger server 

add  one Listview   videos/www  directory  list  and combobox  choose the directory  to view all the websites and hosting files 
one listview  to change chmod  permisions   click on the checkbox  file 755  and change on text 777 and save permissions 

its that possible add wine  on feebsd to be already  in feebsd  dont need to intall after  already comes with wine 

i would like to know is if i install wine on freebsd and  use  exe files  created in VB net it will work 100% 
i know a bit of VB net and i want to build my applications to use on linux  

can you help me to build this type of software and i will pay for it  i want to pay this software to be mine  

i can send you the application made in VB net  the ideas i had built to use 
if you accept it i will send you  the source code in VB net 

let me know if you want to build the software i need  for use on linux machines   thanks 


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