Changes to kern.geom.debugflags?

Chris Ross cross+freebsd at
Wed Dec 26 02:05:36 UTC 2012

On Dec 25, 2012, at 18:25 , Marius Strobl <marius at> wrote:
> Please see
> and provide debug information.

  Thank you.  I can rebuild everything with DEBUG_FLAGS=-g.  But do I need to do that in only boot?

  And, that message says:

> Please use debug versions of the loaders and report the output of
> `ctrace` on the boot monitor prompt. Building debug versions is
> most easily done via `make DEBUG_FLAGS=-g` in path/to/src/boot
> when building natively. You can also add the same when cross-
> compiling but then you'll end up with debug versions of everything.
> In both cases, make sure to not have any old object files in place.

  But, I'm not sure what "the boot monitor prompt" refers to, where i'm supposed to enter "ctrace".  When the boot crashes, I'm left at the open prom.  Is that where I'm supposed to enter "ctrace"?  Apologies if so, I just haven't known of that OBP command previously.

  Thank you.  I'll try to come up with the debugging output you're requesting.  And more directions would be appreciated.

        - Chris

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