poudriere upgade perl in jail

Bas Smeelen b.smeelen at ose.nl
Sat Dec 22 16:23:35 UTC 2012

On 12/22/12 17:08, Patrick Lamaiziere wrote:
> Le Sat, 22 Dec 2012 16:56:09 +0100,
> Bas Smeelen <b.smeelen at ose.nl> a écrit :
>> I have poudriere setup on a server to compile packages for my old
>> laptop, mini, and some friends laptops and it works great.
>> How can I upgrade the perl version of the poudriere jail to
>> perl-5.16, it is now perl-5.14?
>> I tried startied the jail with poudriere jail -s -j and then try jail
>> command=portmaster -o lang/perl5.16 lang/perl5.14 but can't get this
>> to work.
>> Should I just wipe the jail, then recreate and first build perl5.16
>> in it before building the other packages?
> I think PERL_VERSION=5.16.X in the poudriere jail's make.conf will do
> the trick.
> Then you will have to rebuild all the poudriere packages (not sure if
> this is safe else)

Alright. Thanks! That did it. It looks like it deleted all perl5.14 
dependent packages and is rebuilding them now with perl5.16.2 Great :)

Maybe I should have asked the question before spending a day figuring 
out how.

Merci beaucoup.

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