KDE trouble, perhaps related to display wizard usage

Michael Powell nightrecon at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 13 18:08:11 UTC 2012

Ralf Mardorf wrote:

> Hi :)
> the KDE 4 desktop does cause issues, since I set up the panel and then
> booted with display wizard enabled, on PC-BSD 8.2 64-bit.
> The last panel I add often isn't visible and accessible, but the first
> panel did work before I restarted with display wizard enabled. I add
> several panels, that are invisible and not accessible. Resetting
> graphics and monitor settings using display wizard doesn't solve the
> issue.
> Opened window apps aren't shown on the desktop.
> Any ideas what's broken that I can't access, resp. seldom can access the
> panel and that the application's windows aren't accessible (only shown
> in the panel, assumed there is a panel, but not shown on the desktop)?
> FWIW changing the X settings doesn't please me, I'll test a xorg.conf
> that I used with Linux and for sure I'll switch to another DE, on Linux
> I e.g. prefer Xfce4, but I guess first I should set up the default
> install to my needs.

I don't use KDE with FreeBSD any longer, however, FWIW a couple of generic 
ideas to maybe get you started. I've never had much luck with the KDE system 
config monitor tool. But one thing to notice - if only 3 resolutions such as 
640,800, & 1024 are listed it may be an indicator you have only these VESA 
modes available.

This is most likely due to not having the mfr's binary blob drivers 
installed, rather than using the open source variants. The open source 
versions (Nouveau for Nvidia) lag behind the mfr blob in terms of 
performance and feature support.

KDE really demands having the best drivers runnning. Performance issues can 
be examined in a couple of areas. You can disable the Desktop Effects as well 
as change the rendering backend from OpenGL to XRender. XRender might be 
more suitable for older, really low end video cards while OpenGL is more 
horsepower intensive.

I've used radeonhd driver before a couple of years ago, and nowadays use a 
Nvidia GTS 450. What I don't have experience with is the Intel graphics. 
However, the essential thing of getting off of VESA and into hardware 
accelerated via drivers might be something to look at.


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