FreeBSD Release Date Challenge, plus other stuff the project needs

Stephen Cook sclists at
Tue Dec 11 07:17:32 UTC 2012

On 12/11/2012 1:52 AM, Anonymous wrote:
> We, the users of FreeBSD, *do hereby challenge* the FreeBSD project
> to meet its future release dates.

Similarly, I'm a bit concerned that 9.0 loses support at the end of 
January, but there is no release date for 9.1 (at, the last actual 
date shown is November 3, 2012, for RC3). I'm confused as to the best 
course of action: continue to use an unsupported version and hope the 
new one comes out sooner than later, or downgrade to a supported version 

I know FreeBSD is free and community-supported, but this still seems a 
bit... improper? Right now I'm only dealing with personal machines (and 
nothing truly vital at that), but I am formulating plans to use FreeBSD 
commercially and this makes me uneasy.

-- Stephen

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