9.1-RC3 LiveCD missing features

Bas Smeelen b.smeelen at ose.nl
Fri Dec 7 23:20:13 UTC 2012

On 12/08/12 00:05, Tomek CEDRO wrote:
On 12/07/12 23:11, Chuck Burns wrote:
> On 12/7/2012 3:50 PM, CeDeROM wrote:
>> Hello
>> I have tried to chceck for badblocks on my / but I did not find 
>> badblocks
>> program on LiveCD and there is no option to install it. This is very 
>> useful
>> utility, please add it as part of LiveCD
>> Also there is a problem with DHCP based workstations using LiveCD -
>> although interface gets configured it is impossible to update
>> /etc/resolv.conf (by dhclient and by hand) and so this workstation 
>> pretty
>> useless for IPv4 (is it more usable on IPv6?). Please update
>> Thank you
>> Tomek
> dd if=/dev/zer of=/dev/ada0
> ^^^ There's your "badblocks" program.  Any hard drive made in the last 
> decade have been self-remapping..  Attempting to write to a bad block 
> will cause the hard drive to remap an unused sector into it's place, 
> until the drive runs out of said "unused" backup sectors, and at that 
> time, will begin simply begin just "losing" storage space... IE the 
> number of total sectors on the drive will begin to shrink.


Badblocks is outdated for more than 17 years I guess
The dd mentioned above will let the firmware remap all bad sectors until 
there are no spare sectors left (and wipe anything on disk as a bonus 
;then you can begin to think about replacing your harddrive.

As for DHCP, it works for me when booting from a netinstall for instance 
or going to fixit.
Tomek, please try to describe more accurately what you are doing and try 
to accomplish

> As I get ffs_valloc kernel panic on my / I want to check for badblocks but
> cannot do that from the system itself so I need another FreeBSD instance to
> run badblocks on unmounted /. There are no badblocks on LiveCD and I cannot
> simply download it with pkg_add -r. Installing another system just to test
> existing one seems silly. It would be nice to finally have swiss army knife
> on generic LiveCD FreeBSD install, not using linux windows hirens etc :-)
> I have just started dd if=root of=root from LiveCD, Ill let you know if
> that worked :-)

I will be surprised what that will do for you

I have lloked at the picture and all I can come up wih is either bad 
hardware or a very strange software/system configuration.

Good luck
Please reply to this list if any

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