netstat -i

Olivier Nicole olivier.nicole at
Fri Dec 7 03:04:23 UTC 2012

Thank you Matthew and Ilya,

>> There is only one layer 3 network on that physical infrastructure (at
>> least in that VLAN). And there are only 8 machines in that VLAN, no
>> routing, as the VLAN is primarily designed for NFS.
>> I did not sjow the most disturbing figure where at output bytes is 3.7
>> TB at MAC level but only 156 GB at IP level (2000 times less). The
>> large amount of output bytes is understandable for the machine is an
>> NFS server.
>> 3TB is not big, but is at IP level, not at MAC level.
> It could be down to broken equipment attached to the network.  If
> something is spewing out malformed packets, you might well see that sort
> of effect.
> Try firing up tcpdump or wireshark -- they'll both capture the layer 2
> traffic and given the volumes you're seeing, it should be fairly obvious
> from visual inspection of the output what is going on.

I tried wireshark with 2 filters:

filter "not ip" shows only spanning tree packets, almost no traffic
filter "ip" shows the bulk of traffic
filter "ip and not host" shows no traffic

That was expected.

So I believe it has something to do with the way netstat -i reports the data.

Best regards,


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