NFS client over private network

Olivier Nicole olivier.nicole at
Mon Dec 3 09:11:52 UTC 2012


> I have some trouble on a mail server running 9.0-RELEASE-p3
> Last week I set up a NFS mounted partition containing 1 Tb of IMAP folders
> the NFS mount is done through a private network link on a dedicated giga
> ethernet link with the following config :
> <-->
>  mailhub              NFS NetAPP 3210 server
> I use MBOX format on this server ( Postfix + Dovecot 2 )

There is something somewhere saying "don't use mbox format on NFS".
It's simply wont work. It may work, but someday you'll face some

Time to change for maildir format :)

Bon courage.


> Since I used this configuration a lock problem occured on some INBOXes
> here is an example of the problem.
> Nov 30 23:59:26 mail postfix/local[35280]: 3YCr470N6MzYmp0:
> to=<xxx at>, orig_to=<xxxx at>, relay=local, delay=1527,
> delays=1470/39/0/19, dsn=4.2.0, status=deferred (cannot update mailbox
> /var/mail/xxx for user xxx. unable to lock for exclusive access: Resource
> temporarily unavailable)
> I don't think Postfix or Dovecot are responsible because when I do not use
> the "private" NFS link this does not happen ... I mean when the partition is
> mounted with public IP addess.
> Thanks for any info if you have some ...
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