utx.log doesn't update for Samba unmounts

Josh Beard josh at hewbert.com
Thu Aug 30 13:41:36 UTC 2012


I'm running 9.1-PRERELEASE (built Aug 1) with Samba 3.6 from ports.

I've noticed that the "last" command's output shows "still logged in" for
all previous smb connections since the last shutdown.  However, smbstatus
seems accurate, showing only a handful of users connected.  For instance,
right now, 'last' shows 500 users "still logged in", when it's really only
a few.  I discovered this via a Nagios alert that I had a couple hundred
users logged in.

The last time I had active SMB/CIFS users was in May of this year, and I
don't recall this happening then (judging from Nagios), but that was

Can anyone reproduce this or does anyone have any ideas?


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