sendmail local-host-names questions

doug doug at
Wed Aug 29 20:35:46 UTC 2012

On Wed, 29 Aug 2012, Gary Aitken wrote:

> Can anyone explain what's going on or point me to a better place to ask?
> It's now fixed but I'd like to understand why sendmail doesn't like a domain
> specified with a trailing dot, since I thought that was how one specified a
> fully qualified domain name.

The definitive source is /usr/src/contrib/sendmail/cf/README

> Also...  I can't find anything about how to put a comment in the
> local-host-names file.  I took a guess and used # as in the .mc file,
> and it doesn't seem to cause errors; but neither does ';' or '%' so I'm
> guessing the lines are just being skipped because they don't parse properly.
> I'd like to know whether comments are allowed or not; and if so,
> what the proper syntax is.

I am not sure which table you are commenting but I think some of the tables like 
virtusertable do not allow comments at the end of the line. Lines starting with 
a '#' are fine in any table. Again the README is you source

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