Upgrading perl

Jack Stone jacks at sage-american.com
Wed Aug 29 19:04:18 UTC 2012

On 8/29/2012 1:32 PM, Lowell Gilbert wrote:
> Jack Stone <jacks at sage-american.com> writes:
>> Actually, on other servers with the same upgrading needs, perl-5.12
>> installed without any issue. My intention is to upgrade perl in
>> increments to get well past EOL.
> You're somewhat on your own, then; I can't test any of my ideas before
> suggesting them to you.
>> Wonder if I just deinstalled the old perl5-5.10 and then installed the
>> perl5-12 would work. I can do that right from the port: make perl5-12
>> first to see if that works, then:
>> # make deinstall (perl-5.10) then: make install clean
> I would be surprised if the perl-5.12 port will build for you; I think
> you'll get the same error. If not, then yes, it should work.
>> What do you think? I've got to move up because an important perl
>> program requires a minimum 5.12.
> Well, it's also possible that there's a local problem on that
> machine. You indicated that you used portupgrade for similar updates on
> similarly-aged machines, but I'll guess that they were only roughly
> similar. I'll guess that you built your own INDEX file; if not, you
> probably should (and the associated database for portupgrade). Compare
> the infrastructure in ports/Mk (and maybe /usr/share/mk) with the
> similar machines that succeeded, and look at the Makefile in perl5.12 to
> make sure it sets options properly.
> Good luck.
Hi Lowell and thanks for the good wishes!

Yes, on the other servers which upgraded without issue are running the 
same freebsd-7.x, and the make files are identical for the perl-5.12.

I just now ran a test on a test server of same vintage and it did 
build directly in the port just using "make" to see if it would work. 
It did. The trick is to DISABLE_CONFLICTS=YES in the /etc/make.conf. 
This still doesn't mean the important production server will 
cooperatebut will have to take a risk and try it. That server has a 
bootable clone that is run every day so I can rescue the server. I 
will just to make a fresh clone right before I try the perl upgradeso 
to minimize any loss of data.

  -- All the best, Jack

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