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Polytropon freebsd at edvax.de
Tue Aug 28 22:57:32 UTC 2012

On Tue, 28 Aug 2012 22:41:52 +0000, Robin, Michael wrote:
> What is VIM? 

VI = VI Improved, based on vi-like editor behaviour, which
is often considered one of the MAIN editor environments
among programmers.

> Where could it be downloaded?

You don't manually download things on FreeBSD. You install
software by a system means.

I suggest you make yourself familiar with the OS and how to
install programs using The FreeBSD handbook and the FAQ,
accessible from the project's main web page.

In short,

	# pkg_add -r vim


	# pkg_add -r gvim

should install vim or gvim (the Gtk-enhanced vim editor) for
you easily.

> What is CLI? 

Command line interface, a common name for text mode applications
(even when they run in a terminal emulator under X), so the
term doesn't fit 100 percent here.

A command line editor could be sed (the stream editor), which is
a a non-interactive editor, programmed by its programming language
and via command line arguments. But also text mode editors like
joe or vim allow many command line arguments (see the respective
manpages to learn more).

To a Programmer Analyst that should be known, but don't bother. :-)

> I am looking for GUI/command prompt text editor for Windows 7/8.

You should then consult a mailing list (or probably a web-based
discussion forum) related to "Windows" topics. In worst case,
install a FreeBSD image for a virtualisation environment (e. g.
VirtualBSD) and use that for edititing. :-)

> My top priority is setting start/end block option which was available
> for old DOS-based text editor, but I have not seen any window-based
> text editor for this option. 

I'm sure there are ports of normal text editors also for "Windows".
But this list -- FreeBSD questions -- is not the best place to
ask for what they are or where to download them.

> 16-bit DOS text editor program will not run on 64-bit operating system.

That lack of compatibility is a significant problem on "Windows",
don't you think? :-)

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