built-in mic configuration [compaq presario laptop]

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Sat Aug 25 16:26:46 UTC 2012

On Sat, Aug 25, 2012 at 8:39 AM, Alexander Kapshuk <
alexander.kapshuk at gmail.com> wrote:

> I would like to be able to use the built-in mic to record audio and to use
> Skype with. An external mic seems to work out-of-the-box.
> Any input would be appreciated.
> :; uname -a
> FreeBSD box2 9.0-RELEASE-p4 FreeBSD 9.0-RELEASE-p4 #0: Fri Aug 17 21:53:39
> EEST 2012     root at box2:/usr/obj/usr/src/**sys/GENERIC  i386
> :; dmesg | grep pcm
> pcm0: <HDA IDT 92HD75B3 PCM #0 Analog> at cad 0 nid 1 on hdac0
> pcm1: <HDA NVidia (Unknown) PCM #0 Digital> at cad 2 nid 1 on hdac0
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you need to specify the device, take a look at

# ls /dev/dsp*
/dev/dsp0.0    /dev/dsp0.1    /dev/dsp1.0    /dev/dsp2.0    /dev/dsp2.1

for example, i can send audio output to headphone jack:
# mplayer -zoom -x 1280 -y 720 -fs -ao oss:/dev/dsp1 -mixer /dev/mixer2

Haven't tried skype on FreeBSD but there should be a device setting. I've
noticed that some machines seem to automatically switch, ie when I plug in
headphones to the headphone jack or a mic into a microphone jack it "just
works". But other machines don't work automatically and I have to set the
device manually as above. A simple way, you can try setting each device to
see which one works. :)

# cat /dev/sndstat
FreeBSD Audio Driver (newpcm: 64bit 2009061500/amd64)
Installed devices:
pcm0: <ATI R6xx (HDMI)> (play)
pcm1: <IDT 92HD81B1X (Analog 2.0+HP/2.0)> (play/rec) default
pcm2: <IDT 92HD81B1X (Analog Mic)> (rec)

# mixer
Mixer vol      is currently set to  90:90
Mixer pcm      is currently set to  85:85
Mixer speaker  is currently set to 100:100
Mixer mic      is currently set to  67:67
Mixer mix      is currently set to   1:1
Mixer rec      is currently set to   1:1
Mixer ogain    is currently set to 100:100
Recording source: mic

Waitman Gobble
San Jose California USA

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