port configuration data [was re: firefox & png]

david coder dacoder at dcoder.net
Thu Aug 23 17:46:36 UTC 2012

+++ Polytropon [23/08/12 19:17 +0200]:
>On Thu, 23 Aug 2012 12:41:41 -0400, david coder wrote:
>> it's happened already:  in another post here, polytropon gives a more central
>> role to /var/db/ports/png/options.  if i understand him correctly, "make
>> showconfig" executed in /usr/ports/graphics/png reads from that file.
>> changes made through "make config" change both that file & files in
>> /usr/local/include & subdirectories thereof.
>Nothing in /usr/local is going to be changed until "make install"
>(or "make deinstall" respectively) is executed. In /usr/local/include
>header files are _installed_ for accessing library functions, mostly
>a means for programmers to interface with software.
>But it's correct that you mention /usr/local/include/libpng/pngconf.h
>here. It's not to be changed by "make configure", but it will be
>created by "make install", reflecting the properties libpng has
>been installed with; it's a "machine configurable file for libpng"
>by its own declaration. It belongs to the png port, _not_ to the
>port configuration subsystem (which is _independent_ from the
>ports theirselves.
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thx for the correction & further education, polytropon.  much obliged.

david coder

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