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david coder dacoder at
Wed Aug 22 23:44:13 UTC 2012

thx, i hadn't seen the reply to my earlier message.

unfortunately, though i've got the png port installed w/ 

	OPTIONS=        APNG "Animated PNG support" On

the install of freebsd fails w/ the error message given below.

is there something else required in the png makefile or elsewhere that i'm

some writers have insisted that a recent install of the os is also needed,
but that is also a non-issue for my boxes:  they're up to date.

installing firefox is not as urgent for me since chrome is adequate for most
purposes, but still...

thx for your reply.  any further thoughts would be appreciated.


+++ Polytropon [23/08/12 01:17 +0200]:
>On Wed, 22 Aug 2012 19:01:50 -0400, david coder wrote:
>> is there a system png that comes w/ 8.3 that is distinct from the ports png?
>> if not, how explain that install of firefox-14.0.1 fails w/ the error message
>> that the system png does not support APNG even though the makefile for the
>> png port contains the line
>> 	OPTIONS=        APNG "Animated PNG support" On
>> ?
>> i am puzzled.
>The question has already been answered on 2012-08-02.
>You need to recompile the PNG library (from ports, does _not_
>belong to the system - it's /usr/ports/graphics/png that will
>install libpng to your system) with the "Animated PNG support"
>(APNG) option [x] set. After doing so, you will be able to resume
>your Firefox build. See "man ports" or the manual of your port
>management tool (e. g. portmaster) on how to do that. Make sure
>you do "make clean" prior to that attempt.
>>From the error message which you _have not shown_ (so I'm just
>guessing) it seems that libpng has been installed without the
>animation support. If you can make sure it's properly installed
>and you still get the error, please _show_ the error here so a
>better diagnostics step can be done.
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