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Wed Aug 22 05:44:22 UTC 2012

On Tue, Aug 21, 2012 at 11:10:19AM -1000, Al Plant wrote:
> Bob Hall wrote:
> > I'm using a repeater to grab a wireless signal and pass it to my local
> > (wired) lan. For various reasons I won't go into a repeater is, in
> > theory, the best way to do this. However, I'm having trouble finding a
> > repeater that isn't garbage. I've been through 2 Linksys units, both of
> > which required constant reboots and both of which died after almost
> > exactly a year. I tried a Hawking HWREN1 which is still working after
> > slightly more than a year but has trouble with encrypted traffic and
> > also requires frequent reboots. I also tried a Hawking HW2R1, which was
> > much less flaky than the HWREN1 and handled encrypted traffic OK, but
> > died after about 3 months.
> > 
> > Since these things cost $100-$140 apiece, it would be cost effective to
> > to pay more for a unit that worked consistently and didn't die after a
> > few months of light use. Has anyone on the list used a repeater that
> > they had good experience with?
> > 
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> Aloha....
> I have a similar system for a HP Linux mini that I use portably. It 
> works  at my home base as well as in several locations including on 
> board NCL ships.
> What is the origin of the wireless signal are you picking up to begin 
> with?

Landlord's wireless router.

> I sounds like interfere or no permission to use the originating signal.

I have permission; I have the passphrase necessary for access. Internet
access is included in my rent.

> If the original signal is flaky or blocked or timed out then the 
> repeater may not work.

The original signal is flaky. Even though I'm less than 75 feet from the
source, I use a high-gain antenna to compensate for a weak signal.
However, I was able to maintain semi-stable access with the HW2R1 and
antenna, until the HW2R1 died. (With the other three units, access
consistently sucked.) 

Flakiness doesn't explain why three out of four repeaters died in a year
or less. Traffic is light; I'm the only one using the repeater and I
mostly use the Internet for email and reading news sites. I never even
watched a video during the three months the HW2R1 was alive.

When I say that three of the repeaters died, I mean a total cessation of
function. They stopped functioning as repeaters, they stopped responding
to pings, their built-in web servers no longer provided the
configuration web pages, and rebooting didn't fix anything.

The HWREN1 that I'm using right now stops functioning as a repeater
several times a day, but I can still ping it and get the config pages.
Rebooting usually (but not always) gets it working again.  Sometimes I
have to ask the landlord to reboot the router. 

I can't get permission to install an ethernet cable. I've already asked.

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