Apache 2.2 and php 5.4.5 failing on freebsd 8.3

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Tue Aug 21 09:38:59 UTC 2012

Le 21 août 2012 à 04:10, John Levine a écrit :

>>> Are you running pecl-APC? If so, what version? There's a major issue with the 
>>> latest.
>> Hmmn, that might have been it.
>> I backed down to 5.3, but when I have a chance I'll try 5.4 again without 
>> APC.
> Tried it without APC, didn't help.  We're back to the theory that there's
> something in PHP 5.4.5 that builds OK on 9.0 but not on 8.x.

I suggest that you start with a fresh "php.ini" file in order to have up to date values. 

If you have compiled it with cli, you can post the output of php -v here so we can figure out more precisely what is going on with your install… 

I am running PHP 5.4.5 on 7.4 without problem - I had problem upon install, but they all came from php.ini not beeing up to date (AFAIR). 


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