freebsd-update fetch trying to update custom kernel

Jamie Paul Griffin jamie at
Mon Aug 20 14:40:58 UTC 2012

== Denis wrote on Mon 20.Aug'12 at 16:41:56 +0400 ==

> > Then why not follow my suggestion of _letting_ freebsd-update
> > update the kernel, but _use_ a different one instead which it
> > won't touch? In /boot/loader.conf:
> >
> >         kernel="mykernel"
> >         bootfile="/boot/mykernel/kernel"
> >
> > Now freebsd-update can happily alter the default kernel without
> > affecting yours. Note that this implies that _you_ have to take
> > care of kernel changes and recompiling if needed.
> >
> > I know, it's just a workaround and doesn't address the problem
> > directly, but it should get you away from any related trouble.
> Yes, I saw your advice, and will follow it.
> The main idea - may be I missed something and there will be an easy
> fix to my problem. I want to make sure that the problem exists, and
> I'm not the only person faced with this error. And also I have a small
> hope that problem will be fixed by freebsd team :-).
> Best regards,
> Denis

If you're building your own customised kernel, why don't you just build the entire system from source? I've not used freebsd-update yet and probably won't. Is it just a matter of time, i.e. waiting for the compilation to finish?

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