иван кузнецов kia00000 at
Fri Aug 17 09:25:13 UTC 2012

how to open RU_FREEBSD_DOC_20111014.TBZ under windows? several program cant,i was attempt.7zip cant. why i not able read documentation BEFORE install? where it after install? second,you installer is not well, not very undersandingable for newbis.i mean user must hit tab in some dialogs,but he press enter - attempt is not MISTAKE but look mysteriously,and user shoud do only one small step in order to do freebsd more frendly - publish full international docs on install dvd -- user only put dvd and see docs in browser.its simpler than rewriting os in order to div it more it true flash work badly or after complex work? i cant write on my writemaster dvd drive with freebsd9 - brasero dont see drive.what you can say about it? with best regards,ivan,Russia,Moscow.

иван кузнецов.

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