Double boot

prab at prab at
Fri Aug 17 05:02:46 UTC 2012

  I have installed FreeBSD 8.3 to Toshiba Satellite besides Windows XP.
  Unix boots ok, but I can't reach  Windows anymore!
    It shows:
  F1 Win
  F2 FreeBSD

  F6 PXE
  Boot F1

   If I press F1, it stays hanging forever.
   I'm relatively new to FreeBSD. Please, advise which way to go out
  of this  situation. When I  rerun sysinstall, there is a warning:
"chunk 'ad0s2' [179380224..234441647] does not start on a track boundary"
  (the chunk of FreeBSD) How to change the boundary of chunk? CDROM is  
not reachable, something happened to it. I can use only FreeBSD  
   Which of them?
  Thanks in advance.

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