How to keep freebsd-update from trashing custom kernel?

Brett Glass brett at
Mon Aug 13 16:35:23 UTC 2012

At 05:24 AM 8/13/2012, Polytropon wrote:

>That seems to be the default behaviour, as freebsd-update is
>not supposed to be used with a custom kernel. It works with
>GENERIC kernels (because it updates them by overwriting).

Actually, freebsd-update is claimed to respect custom kernels. See 
the FreeBSD Handbook at 25.2.2:

"The freebsd-update utility can automatically update the GENERIC 
kernel only. If a custom kernel is in use, it will have to be 
rebuilt and reinstalled after freebsd-update finishes installing 
the rest of the updates. However, freebsd-update will detect and 
update the GENERIC kernel in /boot/GENERIC (if it exists), even if 
it is not the current (running) kernel of the system."

But in fact, freebsd-update did not update the kernel in 
/boot/GENERIC on my system. Instead, it trashed the customer kernel 
in /boot/kernel, and did so with no warning. If there had been a 
power outage or other problem before I could rebuild, the system 
would have been disabled.

--Brett Glass

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