Flashplayer expiration & mini-mainframes

Lynn Steven Killingsworth blue.seahorse.syndicate at gmail.com
Sun Aug 12 00:40:25 UTC 2012

Dear FreeBSD -

I am looking forward to installing PC-BSD 9.1 at the end of the week!!

The Adobe website states that Flashplayer 11.2 will be the last ported to  
Linux [although it will forever received security updates.]  Flashplayer  
11.3 I believe is the first to offer 64-bit support.  It is rumored here  
that Opera 12.5 is to be 64-bit - and could be ready now except that Opera  
is writing their own Flashplayer like plugin.  Are we that lucky?

I have been thinking about nearly commodity mini-mainframes for some  
months and it appears that FreeBSD is the most well positioned.  I have  
heard that 1 in 6 'PC' server buyers asks their vendor for mainframe  
functions such as are provided by ia64.  Surely ASUS and Supermicro would  
know that.  I do not know how long it takes to write a kernel but I here  
the Linux camp is whispering that they need an ia64 kernel.  FreeBSD must  
have been optimizing it ia64 kernel for at least 6 years.  Is FreeBSD that  
lucky?  And of course I suppose AMD must want both a PC and workstation  
chip and a different workstation and server chip?

Blue Seahorse Syndicate
Maine & New Hampshire
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