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Tue Aug 7 18:53:24 UTC 2012

El 05/08/12 20:05, Anonymous Remailer (austria) escribió:
>>>> I think that XFS & JFS are more mature filesystems than ZFS
> This is not up for discussion.
>> but the feature set of ZFS i ahead in the future.
> Too many iPads, iPhones, etc?
>> For a NFS server first I'll go with ZFS because the consistence in disk
> If not spelling, or grammar...
>> and speed will gonna be the differentiator.
> A high-school education may well have been the differentiator, but that's
> not important right now. Journaling filesystems are not known for speed.
> EXT2 will probably outperform ZFS as far as NFS servers go.

English is not my native language, so i can make mistakes. ZFS is the 
way to go if you need consistency + speed on a NFS server/service.

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> Speed "Will" Gonna
> Be The Differentiator
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