Patent hit - MS goes after Linux - FreeBSD ?

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Sun Aug 5 18:15:47 UTC 2012

On Sun, 5 Aug 2012 12:25:31 -0400
Robert Huff articulated:

> Jerry writes:
> >  I agree up to the point about financial incentive. For myself, I
> >  like making money. I don't apologize for that. Most engineers,
> >  software / hardware designers also enjoy receiving a monetary
> >  reward for their hard work.  Simple giving away our hard work,
> >  sweat and time to some socialist just because they feel they have
> >  the right to the hard work of others is repulsive.
> 	Would you call Jeff Bezos (CEO of Amazon) a socialist?
> 	Some years ago, he was giving an interview and was asked
> "Jeff, Amazon has applied for a patent for the One-Click system.  If
> Amazon had known before it started there was no chance of receiving a
> patent - would it have created One-Click anyway?"
> 	[While I'm paraphasing, the essential content is preserved.]
> 	There was a long pause, during which you could tell Bezos
> understood _precisely_ what the real question was ...
> 	... and (to his credit) answered "Yes."
> 	The programmers got paid.
> 	Amazon gets paid in the form of more expedient processing and
> (presumably) more sales due to ease of check-out.
> 	Why, as a society, should we deny other innovators the ability
> to use that technology to develop - hopefully - even better stuff?

You are all over the board here. Nothing ever stops anyone from doing
something for nothing. Hell, I have written some small software
applications that I never expected to make a dime off. With that said,
should I come up with some brilliant idea or killer software
applications, I fully intend to protect my rights and make as much off
of it as possible.

I never stated than anyone should be denied the right to create or write
basically whatever they so desire; however, if they are going to
piggyback their work on another author or developer's works, then that
individual deserves to receive compensation.

Jerry ♔

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