boinc_gui missing after portupgrade

Robert Huff roberthuff at
Fri Aug 3 17:14:19 UTC 2012

David Whytcross writes:

>  I just performed a portupgrade on 9.0-RELEASE to the
>  boinc-setathome-enhanced port, which took boinc-client from
>  boinc-client-6.4.5_7 to boinc-client-7.0.25_4
>  I am now missing boinc_gui from /usr/local/bin
>  any ideas as to how to get it back ?

	I believe the literal answer is "downgrade".  :-(
	The more useful answer is "it has been replaced by
'boincmgr'".  hich, unfortunately, does not seem to pick up
project/task information from the previous version.

				Robert Huff

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