Patent hit - MS goes after Linux - FreeBSD ?

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Wed Aug 1 16:20:22 UTC 2012

>> even if not  it's just matter to add proper licence to right ports in port
>> tree and require user to accept it.
> Probably won't even have to do  that. People can download, compile and run whatever they want on a base operating system,
> but as long as the base operating system (FreeBSD in our case) remains 
>"legally un-encumbered" with patented code, nobody really cares. If 
>individual users decide they want to compile and run copyrighted software 
>on FreeBSD (or linux) it will be a matter between M$ and the particular 
>user in question, not the community providing the base OS and user space 
this is exactly what i meant.

FreeBSD users should be happy about that situation as linux is far more 
media-popular and screens other free unices from attacks.

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