FreeBSD vice OS X memory management

jb jb.1234abcd at
Sat Apr 28 08:56:14 UTC 2012

Wojciech Puchar <wojtek <at>> writes:

> > does OS X kernel share any code with FreeBSD kernel's memory management
> > subsystem ?
> IMHO no. OSX is somehow-microkernel based, they did take things from 
> FreeBSD but not this IMHO.
> anyway - who cares

Well, I quoted the source in my 2nd post in this thread.
But I will repeat it once again:
"I'm quite sure that the memory manager of OSX wasn't derived from BSD, but
from Mach. Actually, FreeBSD has adapted that memory manager, so it's rather
the other way around...."

If so, both OS X and FreeBSD share the same MM subsys base.


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