Thumbnail Image Viewer for Large Number of Files

Carolyn Longfoot c_longfoot at
Wed Apr 25 13:29:32 UTC 2012


I'm looking for recommendations for an image viewer that does not choke on a large number of files, I tried fotoxx but that dies on > 20,000 files and other tools (like danpei) seem to want to read all files first before displaying any thumbnails. Is there a tool that just dynamically reads the files and builds thumbnails as one pages through the collection? I do realize that this is not quite as fast as pre-cached thumbnails but with >300k images that's just not an option, anything I tried either crashes or just sits there for hours. The images are about 50k each, coming from a network camera.

Ideally I would like to choose a thumbnail size that suits me, fill the screen with them and then select the ones that are uninteresting (could be across several screens/pages) and delete the original files.

Maybe somebody had and solved a similar challenge. Or should I just be smarter and collect each day into it's own directory?




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