Lots of lagging after upgrade of xorg.

Leslie Jensen leslie at eskk.nu
Mon Apr 23 17:56:22 UTC 2012

2012-04-23 18:29, Warren Block skrev:
> On Mon, 23 Apr 2012, Leslie Jensen wrote:
>> Hello list.
>> I'm experiencing a lot of lagging after I've upgraded xorg. I use XFCE
>> and just changing from one desktop to another now feels really slow.
>> If I click on a button in an application I have to move the mouse
>> pointer before there's a reaction to the click.
>> In a terminal window I also have to move the pointer outside before
>> the input from the keyboard is registered.
> That is often a symptom of setting Option "AllowEmptyInput" "Off".
> If you have AEI settings in xorg.conf, remove them. Use Option
> "AutoAddDevices" "Off" to disable HAL input device detection.
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Thank you Warren.

I found the page where you explain this in great detail a little while 
before I got you reply.

I'll have to reconfigure my Swedish keyboard because the mapping 
disappeared in the process.

I'll post the link to your page for reference to others that might 
experience the same problem.



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