The biggest mag^ic ga^me since the beginning of time, which is making the entire world go crazy

gbmovie game at
Sun Apr 22 04:52:01 UTC 2012

In the following text, you will find many many names.
You can choose only… 5… no more… no less.
You have only one sh^ot to choose them.
The second time it will not work, the mag^ic will be gone.

The names you have chosen will give you the answers to some questions you
have been dealing with for a very long time that only you know about.
You will not believe what is happening in front of your eyes.
Don’t even try to understand how it works, you stand no cha^nce.
The best minds are busy trying, and nobody is even close.

Choose the names you want then copy and paste them, follow the instructions
after the following lists (some names are with ^ sign in them; please
ignore it and delete it when you copy them):

Names: Michael; Jessica; Christopher; Ashley; Matthew; Brittany; Joshua;
Amanda; Daniel; Samantha; David; Sarah; Andrew; Stephanie; Ames; Jennifer;
Justin; Elizabeth; Joseph; Lauren; Ryan; Megan; John; Emily; Robert;
Nicole; Nicholas; Kayla; Anthony; Amber; William; Rachel; Jonathan;
Courtney; Kyle; Danielle; Brandon; Heather; Jacob; Melissa; Tyler; Rebecca;
Chary; Michelle; Kevin; Tiffany; Eric; Chelsea; Steven; Christina; Thomas;
Katherine; Brian; Alyssa; Alexander; Jasmine; Jordan; Laura; Timothy;
Hannah; Cody; Kimberly; Adam; Kelsey; Benjamin; Victoria; Aaron; Sara;
Richard; Mary; Patrick; Erica; Sean; Alexandra; Charles; Amy; Stephen;
Crystal; Jeremy; Andrea; Jose; Kelly; Travis; Kristen; Jeffrey; Erin;
Nathan; Brittney; Samuel; Anna; Mark; Taylor; Jason; Maria; Jesse; Allison;
Paul; Cassandra; Dustin; Caitlin.

Movies: Bruce Almighty; Forest Gump; Big; Koyaanisqatsi; What the Bleep Do
We Know!?; Amadeus; Gandhi; Siddhartha; Requiem for a Dream; Hit^ler: The
Rise of Evil; Schindler's List; The Pianist; Monty Python; The Phantom of
the Ope^ra; Close Encounters of the Third Kind; Threshold; Doc^tor Who;
Billy Elliot; Waterland; Flying High; The Mask; Timecop; 9.5 Weeks;
Paycheck; Men in Black; Ghostbusters; Dune; 24; Vanilla Sky; Taken;
Andromeda; Spanglish; E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial; A.I. Artificial
Intelligence; 2001: A Space Odyssey; Brazil; Scarface; The Godfather;
Legally Blond; The Princess Diaries; Cinderella Man; Rocky; The Double Life
of Veronique; Cine^ma Paradiso; Green Card; Pulp Fiction; Saturday Night
Fever; Grease; Dawson's Creek; I Robot; The Hitchhiker's Gui^de to the
Galaxy; Hair; Marry Poppins; Casablanca; 1984; Planet of the Apes; Basic
Instinct; Species; Gladiator; Rain Man; Finding Neverland; The Chronicles
of Narnia; Heroes; The X-Files; Ally McBeal; The West Wing; Pretty Woman.

Companies: Starbucks; Dunkin’; McDonald's; KFC; Costco; Chase; JetBlue;
Samsung; Google; Microsoft; Calvin Klein; Hugo Boss; Honda; Sony;
Kellogg’s; Coca-Cola; Kraft foods; AT&T; Netflix; Lenovo; Logitech;

Actors: David Duchovny; Brooke Skye; Ben Stiller; John Travolta; Liv Tyler;
Richard Gere; Nicole Kidman; Michelle Pfeiffer; Sylvester Stallone; Van
Damme; Harrison Ford; Cher; Jack Nicholson; Jennifer Ariston; Woody Allen.

Mu^sic: Enigma; Deep Forest, Era; Bowie; Genesis; Yes; Minimal Compact;
Peter Hammill; Faithless; Yahel; Infected Mushroom; The Cure; Kate Bush;
Air Supply; Bee Gees; Robert Wyatt; The Velvet Underg^round; The Legendary
Pi^nk Dots; Nick Cave; Adiemus; Buddha Bar; Seal, Vengo; Bartok, Purcell.
Stockhausen; Philip Glass; Arvo Part; Eminem; Alphaville; Madonna; The Alan
Parsons Project; Enya; Emma Shapplin; Thomas Otten; Steve Reich; Julee
Cru^ise; Sarah Brightman; Made To Measure; Tuxedomoon; Oliver Shanti;
Sacred Spirit; Mike Oldfield; Dao Dezi; Abba; Poliker; Jasmin Even; Hair;
Pixies; The Doors; Peter Gabriel; Project Pitchfork; John Cale.

General: love; ha^te; dan^ce; hot; dark; mother; guitar; mu^sic; sugar.

Now you have your 5 words. Remember that the mag^ic works only one time and
only if you follow the rules of the ga^me exactly as they are presented.

The place you will be directed to has 5 blank fields.
In each one copy and paste one of your choosing.
Then hit the search key.
You will get 5 paragraphs to read.
Together they are joined into a short story, built especially for… you.

Good lu^ck -
But just remember one thing; there is no such thing.

Follow the link:

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