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Sat Apr 21 00:06:41 UTC 2012

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> Most of these components aren't all that thrilling (because they will
> run with just about anything), but you are welcome to comment on them if
> you think I could/should rethink an aspect. Remember that I live in
> Germany and my choice fell on things that I can easily get on the German
> market. I took a look at the costs and the prices that Intel wants for
> their CPUs and mainboards just blew my socks off! Therefore, I decided
> that this will be an AMD-computer (again).

I'm not sure where the power/performance/price ratio is at currently, but
it wasn't that long ago purchasing an intel was a much better deal long
term.  It was something like it took a year and half of an AMD and intel
cpu idling to draw even in total price all the while having a much greater
performance potential with Intel.  I say this as someone who hopes AMD will
succeed.  There is much more to it than just raw upfront cost.

Adam Vande More

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