How to set Password Change Time in FreeBSD

Jun Li BJ Zhao zhaojli at
Fri Apr 13 02:35:07 UTC 2012

The following is my testing according to the mail "Re: How to set Password
Change Time in FreeBSD":
1. I added passwordtime=2m to /etc/login.conf, run the command
cap_mkdb /etc/login.conf, and then created a new user test. In
/etc/master.passwd, field 6 of test was zero. Password of test never
2. I run the command pw usermod test -p 2m, then in /etc/master.passwd,
field 6 of test was 1333324800, and password expired after two minutes. But
after the password was changed, the field 6 of test was zero again in
/etc/master.passwd. Password of test never expired.

From FreeBSD Man Page LOGIN.CONF(5), we can see that passwordtime is in
RESERVED CAPABILITIES list. Reserved capabilities are reserved for the
purposes indicated and may be supported by third-party software. They are
not implemented in the base system.
Does this mean that passwordtime setting is not effective in the base
system? What should I do to make it effective? Or is there another way to
set Password Change Time?

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