Intel turbo mode support

Florian Unglaub ueber at
Wed Apr 11 22:06:41 UTC 2012


I've stumbled upon in the freebsd-current mailling 
list and started investigating if turbo mode is working on my i7 860 
here. The CPU stock frequency is 2.8GHZ which is the maximum that 
dev.cpu.0.freq_levels reports (powerd is enabled). According to the link 
above, freq_levels should show a maximum frequency of 2801 if turbo mode 
is working.

The patch above was MFC'ed quite a while ago. I updated to 9-stable 
yesterday and it looks like the turbo is not working. dev.cpu.0.freq is 
at max. 2.8GHz, even if I am using some CPU stress testing utilities 
(like burnP6).

I'm really thankful for any input on this matter.


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