zpool creation on geli failed with FreeBSD-9.0

Christopher J. Ruwe cjr at cruwe.de
Mon Apr 9 16:07:35 UTC 2012

I was trying to install FreeBSD 9.0 using a geli encrypted disk and
ZFS on my ThinkPad R500 this weekend. I failed. 

Having sucessfully initialized the geli part and having attached the
provider, my attempt to create a zpool on the geli section thus

$> zpool create ntank /dev/ada0p2.eli 

failed with the message 

Cannot create 'ntank': invalid argument for this pool operation.

I could not convince the system to create the zpool on the geli part, so
I gave up and created the zpool on the unencrypted partition instead to
have a working machine for the week. I would, however, like to have my
data on an encrypted partition though. Has anyone witnessed and resolved
this issue or does anyone have other ideas?

Thanks for your help, cheers,
Christopher J. Ruwe
TZ GMT + 2h

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