FreeBSD's backwards webdesign / corporate identity

Edward M eam1edward at
Mon Apr 9 04:04:09 UTC 2012

On 04/08/2012 05:40 AM, Tony wrote:
> Hello!
> As much as I love FreeBSD, I'm a bit alarmed by its webdesign / corporate
> identity. Since FreeBSD is the world's best OS, I believe it should have a
> design that reflects this. A design that is so neutral and stripped of any
> unnecessary details that the user's attention is directed straight on to
> the content as opposed to how the content looks. A design that you can look
> at over and over without getting annoyed.
> The current design is an uneven mix of various styles, and seems more
> forced than well thought out. First you have the shiny Satanic 3D-lookalike
> logo (yes, despite what y'all say, it's still Satanic) that might look cool
> the first few times one looks at it. Now though it's more like "what the
> hell *is* that thing anyway"? (ref: Tres
> Logos<>
> )
> Then you have a surrounding layout trying to cater to that logo, but fails
> miserably as it was made by programmers as opposed to people with an actual
> education in design<>. There is no natural
> flow<>  and the whole thing just
> comes off as corny<>  -
> and this makes us all look bad. I also hear
> PostgreSQL<>is planning to sue FreeBSD for
> stealing its design.
> I propose a new, supersimple look for FreeBSD based on
> Helvetica<>.
> No devil logo, no bells and whistles, just straight forward "FreeBSD" - the
> world's best operating system. So simple that hardly anything it will go
> out of fashion and need to be replaced, so simple that it'll remain as
> current now as it will be a hundred years from now.
> "Perfection is achieved, not when there's nothing left to add, but when
> there's nothing left to take away."
> Tony
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