FreeBSD's backwards webdesign / corporate identity

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Mon Apr 9 01:34:04 UTC 2012

On Mon, 9 Apr 2012 01:25:54 +0200
Mikkel Bang wrote:

> Den 23:44 8. april 2012 skrev RW <rwmaillists at>
> følgende:
> >
> > The FreeBSD site isn't great, but this site is worse.
> >
> > Has no-one ever pointed-out the irony that the top 20% of the page
> > bangs-on about simplifying, and has a "fight bloat on your website"
> > link, but the other 80% is a cluttered mess.
> >
> > It also has a pet hate of mine: menus that make the rest of the page
> > move around even when the pointer is just passing-over them. I can
> > forgive the FreeBSD site all its faults for not doing that.
> >
> I understand you're trying to stand up for FreeBSD, 

You understand wrongly. I don't really care about the FreeBSD site. I
genuinely think that Siegel+Gale have a substandard website. Take a
look at the Royal Academy  and Design Council sites he linked - it's not
in the same league.

> but what you're
> saying makes little sense. Siegel+Gale is one of the world's most
> respected design agencies. And like, who are you? 

So what are you saying?

- I'm automatically wrong (irrespective of the facts) because they're
  respected design agency and I'm a nobody
- You didn't understand what I wrote. 
- you disagree with a specific point that you're not bothering to

>Haters gonna hate.

I'm not a hater. I'm at most a mocker. In particular I find it amusing
that their own website fails to follow the vision that they advocate for
other peoples.

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