FreeBSD losing market share?

Tony abletony84 at
Sun Apr 8 13:22:49 UTC 2012


I'm a bit alarmed by the fact that none of the major low-cost Xen VPS-based
hosting providers in the modern web development
scene<> (Rackspace,
Linode, SliceHost, Webbynode etc.) offer FreeBSD hosting. Sure there are
some that offer dedicated servers like M5 Hosting, RootBSD, Pair etc. but
those are hard to find and ridiculously expensive.

Why doesn't FreeBSD support Xen?

Why is FreeBSD hosting only reserved for the upper class, while the rest of
us have to "settle for Linux"?

Imagine how FreeBSD's market share and popularity would skyrocket once
regular people gets access to it. Low-cost hosting definitely is the way of
the future. Just look at how well low-cost


Tony <>

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