Questions about Jail

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Tue Apr 3 15:40:08 UTC 2012

James Y Chen wrote:
> Hi
> I think Jail on FreeBSD 8.2 can generate 2 jailed machine using the same
> version of FreeBSD, for example, on a 8.2 AMD64 Jailer, I can create 2
> or more FreeBSD 8.2 amd64 Jailed machine.
> My question is: can I install other version of FreeBSD on the Jailed
> environment? If yes, which steps shall I do? Still using make world or
> other easier way?
> thanks
> James Y Chen
> IT Engineering
> Juniper Networks

In most cases your jail environment will function ok as long as its the 
same base release level. Example, host=8.0 jail1=8.1 and jail2=8.2
But host=8.2 and jail1=9.0 will have unknown reliability. Technically 
there is no checks stopping someone from doing this and from the outside 
all will look correct, but it will fail and you may lose both the host 
and jail. There is a system utility called qjail that simplifies jail 
building.   Its in the ports system.

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