Please help me diagnose this crazy VMWare/FreeBSD 8.x crash

Doug Barton dougb at
Mon Apr 2 18:06:31 UTC 2012

On 03/30/2012 07:41, Joe Greco wrote:
>> On 3/29/2012 7:01 AM, Joe Greco wrote:
>>>> On 3/28/2012 1:59 PM, Mark Felder wrote:
>>>>> FreeBSD 8-STABLE, 8.3, and 9.0 are untested
>>>> As much as I'm sensitive to your production requirements, realistically
>>>> it's not likely that you'll get a helpful result without testing a newer
>>>> version. 8.2 came out over a year ago, many many things have changed
>>>> since then.
>>>> Doug
>>> So you're saying that he should have been using 8.3-RELEASE, then.
>> That isn't what I said at all, sorry if I wasn't clear. The OP mentioned
>> 9.0-RELEASE, and in the context of his message (which I snipped) he
>> mentioned 8-stable. That's what I was referring to.
> And since both the poster and I made it clear that this doesn't seem
> to be a case of "it fails reliably on a machine of your choosing",
> just installing random other versions and hoping that it's going to
> cause a fail ... well, let's just say that doesn't make a whole lot
> of sense.  Or at least it's a recipe for a hell of a lot of busywork,
> busywork not guaranteed to return any sort of useful result.

And since you can't reliably reproduce the problem, how do you expect us
to? I understand that these sorts of bugs are difficult/annoying, etc.
Been there, done that.

> In the meantime, it's unrealistic to tell people to use supported
> releases, to wait fifteen months between releases, and then to criticize
> people complaining about problems with a supported release for "using
> old code".

Just to be clear, I didn't criticize anyone. And I share your
frustration with the length of the 8.3 release cycle. I really wish I
had a better answer, but as much as you and I may wish that things were
different, "Try a newer version" is the best answer we have atm.



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