Access to Time Warner cable network

Da Rock freebsd-questions at
Sun Apr 1 22:50:44 UTC 2012

On 04/02/12 08:41, Jerry wrote:
> On Mon, 02 Apr 2012 08:20:02 +1000
> Da Rock articulated:
>> Both networking in FreeBSD _and_ Winblows can be difficult at times.
>> My point is that Winblows is not some magical fairy that can make
>> everything better. It doesn't. It quite often gets it wrong, and when
>> it does its a b**ch to fix- especially now with the newer versions;
>> it just just gets harder and harder to fix. And (forget your phd)
>> considering both myself and the other tech have _Microsoft_ certs and
>> I topped in networking in that same certification thats saying
>> something, do you think?
> A degree != practical knowledge. The only thing you are telling me is
> that you are a failure with no practical knowledge of what you are
> doing. You display an obvious disdain for the OS, so how can you even
> pretend to be objective? That is like me going on a jury with a
> predisposed hated of the defendant. Guess how that is going to turn
> out. It is like me putting together model planes. I hate model planes
> and end up destroying them and conversely blaming the destruction on
> the planes. It is exactly what you are doing.
> You obviously are a failure at networking in a Microsoft environment,
> so go back to whatever it is that you are semi capable of doing, which
> will also save your employer monies spent on time wasted. Unless of
> course this happens to be your own unit, in which case run down the
> block and find a 12 year old and have him/her fix it for you.
Given that the other tech in question asked me to help him, and he is a 
Winblows nut like yourself, I think this premise can be dismissed out of 
hand. I won't even bother to qualify the rest, I wouldn't want to ruin 
your delusion.

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