Access to Time Warner cable network

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Sun Apr 1 16:29:58 UTC 2012

On Mon, 02 Apr 2012 01:27:36 +1000
Da Rock articulated:

> Until it loses that configuration and you're expected to delete it
> and re-enter the connection details...

Or until elephants fly, or whatever.

> Explain why it would be so hard to configure various functions as
> file sharing and some of the more 'new' features for networking on
> Windows then? A fellow IT colleague and I could not figure it out for
> the life of us on the newer versions while it worked perfectly on the
> old '95, '98, NT, 2k, XP systems. So no, Windows does not make
> networking easier- in fact it has just about completely taken the
> guts out of networking to abstract it from the user, making it nearly
> impossible for a networking expert to configure.

Just because an individual has a PHD does not make him an expert, in
fact it could stand for "Pin Headed Dope". Everyone is an expert in
something, just ask them. The fact that you were not smart enough to
complete the task means nothing. If we were to use your reasoning, then
if a single person could not configure networking in FreeBSD then
FreeBSD networking sucks. That is just using your rational.

> I digress. In this case we're all only speculating as the OP hasn't 
> provided more detail, but it could be as simple as an unplugged
> cable :)

I am willing to bet that this will come down to a simple "PEBKAC"
scenario. I am assuming that the user has his cable connection enter
his home, and then connecting to a company Router/Modem. I would like to
know if the OP had checked out what IP's were being assigned to his
boxes by that unit. I recently ran into a case where a user had a static
IP assigned to a wireless printer. When he changed printers he could
not get it to print because it was not being assigned the same IP as
the old unit because he had failed to enter the new MAC address for the
newer printer. A simple problem that took a few  hours before it dawned
on him what the problem was. Actually, Windows did find the printer,
CUPS couldn't.

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