Access to Time Warner cable network

Da Rock freebsd-questions at
Sun Apr 1 01:57:03 UTC 2012

On 04/01/12 11:22, Al Plant wrote:
> Da Rock wrote:
>> On 04/01/12 10:52, Fbsd8 wrote:
>>> Da Rock wrote:
>>>> On 04/01/12 09:52, Fbsd8 wrote:
>>>>> Just purchased an account on the northern Ohio Time Warner cable 
>>>>> system.
>>>>> Having problem connecting to their service. Seems their dhcp 
>>>>> server has an ip address of which is not public routable. 
>>>>> I know my Freebsd 8.2 box functions because it worked fine under 
>>>>> att service which I just left for Time Warner service. MY xp 
>>>>> laptop works fine with time warner. I can see that during the 
>>>>> connection hand shake they first issue ip addresses 192.168.x.x 
>>>>> then end up with real public routable ip address for dns and my ip 
>>>>> address. Just the dhcp ip is XP seems to handle this 
>>>>> connection hand shake ok.
>>>>> Does any one have any suggestions on how to get Freebsd 8.2 
>>>>> working under TW?
>>>> Have you got a firewall or something else blocking dhcp from 
>>>> communicating? What does ifconfig say?
>>> No firewall running and NIC status is "no carrier"
>> Actually I asked what the output of ifconfig was, but it looks like 
>> your cable is not connected (or wifi- hard to tell without output. It 
>> preempts many questions).
>> Try `ifconfig <NIC> up`, check the cable, etc. FreeBSD should be 
>> responding just like Winblows here, but your network isn't connected 
>> for whatever reason that will probably be clearer when we know what 
>> ifconfig looks like. Hence dhcp will not work in these circumstances, 
>> at least until you connect your network... :)
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> Aloha,
> Make sure your connection to Road Runner or TW is set for DHCP. And 
> make sure you can ping your NIC card and like Da Rock says see whats 
> up with iconfig. If there is a switch on the line make sure it is 
> plugged in. I have one customer I work for that lost his signal from 
> TW Roadrunner and they had to come out to replace some link to a 
> failed splitter on the house connection. Here in Hawaii we have a bad 
> corrosion problem  from the salt air.  TW also needs the electric 
> service to work here as well.
> Did they come to your location and run a test to their equipment? My 
> neighbor had a recent cable outage of an existing cable on our block 
> that was too low  and a moving van hit it.

Apparently the Windows system works, so I'd assume all that side is ok- 
just FBSD box is the issue.

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