dump/restore, how to reduce slice size

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>> Subject: dump/restore, how to reduce slice size
>> Hi, Freebsd-questions.
>> # df -h
>> Filesystem     Size    Used   Avail Capacity  Mounted on
>> /dev/ad4s1a      2G    206M    1.6G    11%    /
>> devfs          1.0k    1.0k      0B   100%    /dev
>> /dev/ad4s1e    3.9G     13M    3.6G     0%    /tmp
>> /dev/ad4s1f     40G     25G     12G    67%    /usr
>> /dev/ad4s1d     31G    3.6G     24G    13%    /var
>> procfs         4.0k    4.0k      0B   100%    /proc
>> /dev/ad2s1f     39G     25G     10G    71%    /mnt
>> devfs          1.0k    1.0k      0B   100%    /var/named/dev
>> as you can see /dev/ad4s1f is 40G and /dev/ad2s1f is 39G
>> but on ad4s1f only 25G used.
>> How can I dump /dev/ad4s1f and restore it on /dev/ad2s1f?
>> These commands:
>> #mount /dev/ad2s1f /mnt
>> #cd /mnt
>> #dump -0Lf - /usr | restore -rf -
>> does not help, because of ad2s1f does not have space to restore
>> 'end of ' /dev/ad4s1f.
>> May help any?

RB> ad2s1f already has 25 gigs of stuff on it.  with ounly 14 gigs 'free'.
RB> ad4s1f has 25 gigs of stuff on _it_.

RB> The 25 gigs of ad4s1f will not fit in the  14 gigs of free space on
RB> ad2s1f.
It is state after restoration. Before that I do the prestine file
system with:
newfs /dev/ad2s1f
mount /dev/ad2s1f /mnt
cd /mnt
dump -0Lf - /usr | restore -rf -

at the end of restore process I got error about that on target file
system there is no inode xxxx. abourt? [yn]
I type 'n'. there are about 10 inodes missed.
when I compare files it seems that are same on source and target.
Is that Ok, may I do not worry about that error messages?

RB> Now, 
RB> *IF* the existing 'stuff' on ad2s1f is of no value,  and the -only- thing
RB> you want to have on that filesystem is the 'copy' of ad4s1f, 
RB> *THEN*  there is 'simple'  solution.  You need to delete the files on
RB> ad4s1f -before- trying the dump/restor.  In the commnds you show, above,
RB> fter the 'cd /mnt', and before the dump/restore, Type in 'rm -fr  /mnt/*',
RB> but DO NOT hit the enter key.  Look at what you typed, and make sure 
RB> that there is no white-spce immediately before the '*'.  Double check
RB> that there is no whitespce after the first '/'. or before the 2nd one.
RB> TRIPLE CHECK that there are no spaces before the '*'.   Have you made
RB> a full back-up of the system recently?  If not, abort this commqnd, and
RB> make the full backup before trying  this again.

RB> *IF* you are absolutely certain you have typed the commnd correctly, _and_
RB> you have  current full-system backup, then go ahead nd press the enter
RB> key.
thank you for attention. I understand that.

RB> As my friend Dante Brown once remarked: 

RB>      "All hope abandon
RB>       ye who press Enter
RB>       here."

С уважением,
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