ot :stuck in GRUB

Jean-Paul Natola jnatola at familycareintl.org
Tue Sep 27 13:33:33 UTC 2011

Hi all,

A Friend of mine has some version of either *nux or bsd installed (he does not even know for sure), turns out he clicked "yes" for some updates to install and upon restarting  he now winds up at GRUB> , I told him to type "boot" and it reports  "kernel must loaded prior to booting"

I really have no  time to get out there, so he shipped me his hard  drive which I should be receiving today or tomorrow. It *seems* to me  the update may have corrupted some type of conf file, am I on the right track here? Does anyone have any suggestion, since its an old friend I can't charge him, but nor do I want to spend a significant amount of time on it.


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