bin/160979: 9.0 burncd error caused by change to cd0 from acd0

Garrett Cooper yanegomi at
Tue Sep 27 04:10:18 UTC 2011

On Mon, 26 Sep 2011, Craig Rodrigues wrote:

> On Mon, Sep 26, 2011 at 8:30 PM, Garrett Cooper <yanegomi at> wrote:
>> ...
>>        Please fix it and move on.
>> Thanks,
>> -Garrett
>> $ usr.sbin/burncd/burncd -f /dev/cd0 blank
>> burncd: device provided not an acd(4) device: /dev/cd0.
>> Please verify that your kernel is built with acd(4) and the beforementioned
>> device is supported by acd(4).
> Hi,
> That patch is an improvement over the existing behavior.   However, we
> may want to go
> a bit farther.  Here are some possible scenarios:
>      (1)  User has a system with ATAPI CD-ROM only.


>      (2)  User has a system with ATAPI CD-ROM *and* USB CD-ROM.

First case covered. Second case requires cdrecord anyhow, so don't care.

>      (3)  User has a system with USB CD-ROM only.

Second case requires cdrecord anyhow, so don't care.

>      (4)  User has a system with ATAPI CD-ROM and SCSI CD-ROM

Same as (2).

>      (5)  User has a system with SCSI CD-ROM only

Same as (3).

> I would guess that (1) is the most common scenario, and end-users will
> definitely encounter it and complain.
> In the case of (1), it would be nice if we could fail if we try to
> burn to /dev/cd0, as per your patch,
> but still check to see if ATA_CAM is enabled in the kernel, and print
> out a message with pointers
> for using cdrtools.  With your patch, a user will see a message about
> acd(4), and try to get it to compile/kldload/whatever
> acd(4) on their system, and then not get it to work because ATA_CAM is enabled.
> Adding notes to the burncd man page that burncd will not work on ATAPI
> devices if ATA_CAM is enabled would be good to do also.
> If the long term plan is to get rid of the old ATA subsystem, and
> completely move to ATA_CAM, then we should
> put a deprecation warning in the burncd man page as well, to give
> users a further heads-up.

Noting something in the documentation is fine. The point is that there's a 
lot of wasted electrons being tossed about about a fairly trivial issue: 
most of the apps that burn/use CDs were converted over to some logic long 
ago that matches cdrecord. The only apps that haven't really been 
(atacontrol, burncd) were abandoned because the developer isn't 
an active maintainer.


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