How should I complain about ARM compiler?

Naoyuki Tai ntai at
Mon Sep 26 19:08:44 UTC 2011


I'm working on running a FreeBSD system on Globalscale's
DreamPlug. It's an ARM processor hardware.

I hit a problem which is the PR  arm/154189, and it turned out that
there is a bug in GCC's ARM's code generation.

The GCC in arm's "world" is cross-compiled from Release 8.2 on
i386, and is version 4.2.1.

I looked at the GNU's bug tracking web site, and looks like the
similar bug is reported but not exact. However, there is a certain
chance that it is fixed in later versions of GCC than 4.2.

I wanted to see whether or not fixed. So naturally, I tried to install the
GCC versions from the port, but GCC 4.2 is the only one that supports
ARM. None of newer versions is marked to work on ARM.

I could file a PR to GNU's. If it's new or dupe or already-fixed bug,
at some point, it may or may not be fixed.
But, bigger problem to me is that, FreeBSD 8.2's GCC 4.2 is the
only one that marked to work for ARM, either in the distribution or
in the port tree.

So, who should I complain to?
Chances are slim that -STABLE's compiler gets updated to my
liking. I have no way of knowing right now that the compilers
in the ports work for me or not.
My best case scenario is that, someone patches up GCC 4.2.1's
arm backend in -STABLE. If this is to happen, am I filing a PR
to -STABLE or under arm/ (which gets virtually no attension)?

Should I ask GCC 4.5 or 4.6 to work for arm? It may or may not
fix my problem, so I'm not sure I want to file PR for the GCCs in
the port to support ARM.

Although I was able to get around the build problem of perl5.12,
(as in arm/154189), I just hit another problem with devel/icu,
which I'm chasing right now, and maybe I have to file a PR.
So, my confidence in GCC 4.2.1 for ARM is zero.

Please someone tell me what is the right way to complain about
the ARM's compiler situation.

-- Tai

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