9.0 bata2 & keymap

Fbsd8 fbsd8 at a1poweruser.com
Sun Sep 25 01:52:53 UTC 2011

Adrian Chadd wrote:
> On 25 September 2011 01:30, Fbsd8 <fbsd8 at a1poweruser.com> wrote:
>> In sysinstall you are presented with a dailog that asks you if you want to
>> change the keyboard map and if answered yes them issues the kbdmap command.
>> In bsdinstall you have no option to bypass the keymap step. It just issues
>> the kbdmap command. I agree that some method to bypass the keymap step in
>> bsdinstall needs to be added or an dialog informing the user that selecting
>> the cancel button in kbdmap will result in the default map used in previous
>> releases to be used.
> That sounds sensible. It's all just bourne shell script, right? Would
> you mind doing up a patch to do that?
> Adrian


Heres the pr.

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