Pci express ZFS card?

Eduardo Morras nec556 at retena.com
Sat Sep 24 13:57:15 UTC 2011

At 22:27 23/09/2011, Outback Dingo wrote:
>On Fri, Sep 23, 2011 at 2:10 PM, Joseph Lenox <lenox.joseph at gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > I would posit that it is only for use as on a PCI Express 
> backplane; I don't
> > even see how it would fit in a standard PCI Express slot (seeing as the
> > backplane connector is physically longer than the PCI Express connector).
> > Moreover, the card itself looks like a system-on-a-board (a complete
> > computer system on a single mainboard).
> >
>This is definatley a backplane SBC designed system, and will not work
>in a standard motherboard, seems to me what he really wants is like an
>OCZ revo drive, or Fusion IO card

I'm playing with the card, and it has a PCIe x4. I haven't tried to 
put it on a server, but FreeBSD 8.2 runs perfectly (for now) on it 
with 3 disks and connect by ethernet interfaces. I don' want to try 
connect this card to a server PCIe x4 slot before know that it's 120% 
safe. The card has 2 connectors on basement, a PCI one and a PCIe x4 
but don't explain if it's host only or host-slave or slave only.

I want a raid card with zfs instead closed source hardware raid. If 
raid card brokes i will need exactly the same card with the same 
firmware and other minor requierements for recover the raid. Using a 
zfs raidz i simply need to connect the disks to a freebsd server and 
recover it.

I'll try to contact vendor again to get more info on this topic.

Thanks to both.

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