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> Subject: much to my surprise....
> guys,
> well, after a forced, unexpected, and emergency 5 days away, i got
> back to my desk and could not ping.  while mail seemed to be working, 
> and my *local* ping worked---I could ping around from my freebsd server
> to my other computers--i spent 3+ hours trying to ping various
> sites.  Zero.  i tried everything i could think of.  NOTHING worked.  
> i tried the -d -f -f to named and on and on and on.  nothing.
> *Finally*, i  saw that my telco router was displaying "INT" in red
> LED's.  i didn't know they displayed in any other color but the
> default green, but after power-cycling, voila! back to green.  
> and now, yes, i can ping  and i'm pretty sure other
> network things will work too.  
> from any/all sysadmin types or others::
> i would like tricks, tips, insights--whatever--about named and
> whatever else.  i thought i had collected many.  nope.    i've got
> bind 9.8 installed and it was working fine until my recent
> 'vacation.'  Other than checking one's routers (hub/switch), and other 
> hardware (including server, computers, cables, etc) does anybody have a
> checklist of what to do to diagnose this?  are there any other
> utilities i can try besides ping and named -d 3 -f -g?   other
> network utilities with a debug flag?  i'm running 7.3 on a dell 530.
> tia for any insights,

You should _really_ consider hiring a professional to maintain your 

Diagnosing _this_ problem should have taken no more than about 30

If you can't get somewhere 'by name', you try to get there 'by address'.

If 'by address' works and 'by name' doesn't, *that* is the indication of
a DNS problem.

If you can't get there 'by address', it is *NOT* a DNS problem, and you 
start looking for a 'connectivity' problem.

The *BASIC* tools for that start with 'traceroute'.  Which would have
*immediately* (well, within abut ten seconds :) indicated exactly _where_ 
the problem was.

Those  who don't understand these kind dof things are "too dangerous"
to be trusted with the superuser password.

Bluntly, not only do you not know the things you need to know to manage
a (even 'personal') network, you "DON'T KNOW _what_ you don't know", and 
until you *do* learn the basics, you'll save youself a *LOT* of hair-
tearing if you hire someone to solve the problems for you.

And miss all the fun by learning by doing :-)

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