Using RPM to extract file

Vaclav Kadlcik vaclav.kadlcik at
Wed Sep 21 17:15:38 UTC 2011

On 2011/09/21 18:19, Carmel wrote:
> On Wed, 21 Sep 2011 13:43:51 +0200
> kron24 articulated:
>> On 2011/09/21 13:17, Carmel wrote:
>>> I am attempting to obtain a PPD file for a Brother MFC-9560CDW
>>> printer. According to this URL:
>>> <>,
>>> I can download a file from:
>>> <>
>>> for this printer. Unfortunately, the file is only available in
>>> either "RPM" or "DEB" format. I cannot figure out how to extract
>>> the "PPD" from "RPM" file. I have read "man rpm"; however, I am
>>> still confused. I tried following the instruction given on the site
>>> for extracting the files; however, that only issued a warning about
>>> an incorrect operating system.
>> First use rpm2cpio of archivers/rpm to get a cpio package.
>> Then continue with standard cpio(1).
> Using "rpm2cpio" was easy enough; however, I just cannot figure out
> how to get "cpio" to extract just the one file I want. Either it just
> hangs or issues an error message. The man page is just about useless.
> No useful example is given.

$ rpm2cpio <mfc9560cdwcupswrapper-1.1.1-5.i386.rpm | cpio -ivd
85 blocks


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